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All that Stock Market Jargon, Explained !


So I had some queriesabout this whole Stock Market thing and well, I didn’t get much help from around here, which is not really surprising since there aren’t a lot of people that actually read those. Anyway, the other day I clarified the same with another friend. So I kind of have an idea about what its all about now. And I thought I would post about it only ’cause I noticed that a few Google searches end up at that post to get answers to the same set of questions that I had. So here goes….

The latest Business news at Sify say that… 

Gaining in strength consistently since Thursday last week, the Sensex has posted a hefty gain of 817.18 points or 5.79% at 14,921.38 now. A little while ago, the barometer has touched a high of 14,848.44.

The National Stock Exchange’s 50-stock Nifty index has moved up by 5.51% or 233.80 points to 4473.90. 


 As we know, the Sensex comprises of 30 shares and Nifty of 50 ( that rhymed ! ). Each share is given a percentage weightage, like for example Infosys is given 10%. Now, we get the value of Sensex or the Nifty at a given time by the summation of the percentage weightage of each share multiplied by its individual share price.

 So, when it says that 

the Sensex has posted a hefty gain of 817.18 points or 5.79% at 14,921.38 now 

it means that the calculates value of the index (Sensex) is 817.18 more than the last time. 5.79% would be the same value expressed in percentage. 14,921.38 is the value of the Sensex.

I hope this kind of clarifies things. This is what I understood from my conversation with my friend. I hope this is of some help to whoever that stumbles upon this post.


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