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A day of mixed feelings…

It has been a day of mixed feelings for me. There are two people I want to talk about today. One person who was a significant part of my life, another I barely knew.


VSP a.k.a PI

I have talked about PI in an earlier post. PI is the former (and one&only) boyfriend. He was a friend first, then a little more. But things came to an end around two years back. I had chosen to move on. It was hard, on him. We didn’t keep in touch, I couldn’t do it, keep in touch and be ok with everything, so we didn’t.

He was from a different city, we had different lifes, different friends, everything. He was in everyway a part of my life whule things lasted. Everyone that mattered (to me) knew him, had met and/or spoken to him atleast once. Weirdly enough, BFF Ri had only met him once. Just once.

Now Ri is in the same city as he is. In city of dreams she is a struggling actress. Struggling actress. PI has been touch with three of my friends even after our breakup. Ri has obviously been one of them. Rigot in touch with him when she got there. He offered to help, if anything came up. In a city where everyone’sout to get ahead of the other, a city where people don’t even have time for themselves, he made time for her. Anything she needed, he was there. She needed a place to stay, he helps her withthat, she needs to find a part time job, he helps her withthat. She’s out of funds, he helps her with that. Now she’s not the type to ask, especially from someone she knew only through a friend. But she’s in need, desperate need, her family can not support her, he brother chose to avoid the issue when she asked him for help. PI has been good to her. Like family, in a city where she knows no one. Ri forwarded a message PI sent her the other day which goes like this…

…and please Ri, if you need anything at all dont even think, just call this Bro ! :)

Knowing PI, he wouldn’t have put much thought to what kind of an impact this would have, but he would have definitely meant it. He hasn’t realised the effect it has had on Ri. Ri who is the best friend of a girl who once left him. He doesn’t have to do all this, you know, go out of the way to help her. But he has and I am touched, touched beyond words.

I wish someday I can tell PI how grateful I am for all that he is doing for Ri and also has done for me. It is not very often you get to meet people like him…



Ali Mehdi a.k.a Sleepless in Muscat

On Saturday, June 21, 2008 at Amjad’s blog I read the following piece of shocking news..

I was extremely shocked when I heard about the death of Ali Mehdi – also known as Sleepless in Muscat – from the Oman Community Blog.

Muscati at OCB went on to say…


I received the sad news late this evening of the passing of Ali Mehdi, known to most of you as Sleepless in Muscat. Ali was without a doubt, Oman’s most prolific blogger. He was also an aspiring poet who self-published two books of poetry, and a frequent columnist in The Week and online on the Times of Oman website. He posted frequently on Oman Forum as well. As a blogger, he contributed to a dazzling number of blogs in addition to his own many blogs. He was also the founder of the Oman Community Blog.
Ali’s last post on his blog was on May 3rd. It was a poem called Passion’s Death.. He fell ill shortly after and was admitted to hospital into Intensive Care where he remained till his passing earlier today. He was 29.


I chanced upon Ali’s blog during the time of Cyclone Gonu (Around June 5, 2007). This was at the time that I used to blog here (This and this are posts during Cyclone Gonu where I had thanked Ali and Amjad for there frequent updates during such an uncertain time). Since then I have visited Ali’s blogs on various occasions. He had such a passion to write, core beliefs that he didn’t allow anyone to deter, he was often up against a system he couldn’t change. But he still strived to put across his views on just about everything that mattered.

His blog was a real peak at his life. Or so I thought. I didn’t know he was inflicted by some serious ailment until he had passes away. I guess he never wanted people who read his work to know the seriousness of the ailment. He was often in and out of hospitals as mentioned in various posts, but he was a fighter till the end.

When I read the news about him passing away….I did’t want to believe it. I checked across various blogs and forums, before I actually got myself to digest the shocking news. Even few days after that day I kept checking his blog, his last post to see some comment or something that would prove the news wrong. Nothing happened. I read his last post many times. Passion’s Death. I don’t want to quote lines from his last post here. Doesn’t feel right.




It has been a while since all this, he has crossed my mind on many occasions, but today I was very strongly reminded of him. Out of nothing better to do, I just googled his name and I chanced upon this


Dear Ali,
I was told that 25th of August was your birthday…and on your cake you would have had 30 white candles…waiting for you to blow them… 


It was his 30th Birthday yesterday. And I went back to his blog. I remember he had posted on his last birthday. He would have posted on this birthday as well…would have..

On his 28th birthday he wrote...

I hate having to age. I wish I was always a kid so I wouldn’t have to age. Carefree and doing everything that I missed out on doing. I still have the wish to go bungeyjumping. Witha push, mind you. I still want to become a writer, no matter what the odds are. I still want to have a happy life before it’s my time. I promised myself that I would rather go first than anyone else in the family. I just can’t stand the depression of having to deal with another blow after what I have been through.

…and after his 29th he wrote

Everyone was expressing a happy birthday greeting and everyone was happy, shy and so humble when they came up to me to say they wished me a great day.

I got so many SMS’s and calls – even internationally – for the same occasion.

I have to say, it really did make me feel good about myself. I thought being 29 would be a drag, now I can’t wait to be 30. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Ali is someone I knew for a very short time. I only knew his online persona. Eventhough we are in the same Country, we never got a chance to meet. He has in his own way touched my life, something he never knew. I wish I could tell him that.


Rest In Peace, Ali (Sleepless in Muscat)

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