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All for the want of good sleep…

With all that’s been going on lately, I’ve hardly been able to sleep most nights. I’m either up crying or up thinking about everything that’s happened. And when I eventually manage to get some sleep, which is pretty late like 3-4am, I have bad dreams, real bad dreams.

So since the past two nights, I’ve been trying something. While I’m in bed and trying to fall asleep, I make a conscious effort to think of good, positive things that have happened with me. Every time my mind deviates, which it does one too many times, I make sure I get back on track.

I’ve been sleeping better. I fall asleep sooner, and I have better dreams. Positive Thinking, didn’t know it actually worked this way, didn’t know I could actually have so much control over how I feel or think.

I wish I could try this when I get out of my room, my house, see things positvely. Maybe I should try it. Might work. I know it won’t be as easy as it is when I’m by myself with no one to effect the way I think or feel. Come saturday, I’m going to try it.

I’m also going to try and talk to AM. Only AM, not RK. Tell her whats on my mind, let her know that I feel let down. But I’m gonna wait for the right time for that, like if and when she brings it up the next time. I don’t know if this is the right thing to do, but it sure does sound right, now.

Thanks uncensoredmind, for taking out time, and hearing me out. Really means a lot. Thanks :)

6 Responses to “All for the want of good sleep…”

  1. Go out and do something active. It’ll help you sleep better and make you feel better. Do with other people. If not, running maybe. Smell the fresh air. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. there is a book called the secret. and basically it says that the secret to having everything we want is being positive. the posit that positive thoughts will attract positive energy towards you … hence positive things will happen.

    as u now see, it works. so just keep being positive.

  3. @ distinque
    i know, i need to. i’ve just stopped working out lately. falling sick and now with all this happening, i just havent been feelin upto it. must start again. need tto loose some weight too, *sigh*

    i’ve heard of that book. i haven’t read a book in over two years i think. haven’t had the patience. maybe i should start with this.

  4. im reading the ebook version of the book :)

  5. i just got myself the ebook. shall get down to reading it soon, hopefully :)

  6. […] active on this blog. All I could think of doing was post, vent, reach out to people, seek advice, update and document every detail […]

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