Subliminal Chaos
Every Silver Lining Has a Dark Cloud Covering It


I hate having to come up with titles, specially when all I want to do is vent.

So this is just an update on how things have been since my last post….

Saturday AM came crying to me. She found out RK was seeing her twin behind her back. And to make things more interesting, AM also ended up having a huge crush on RK at about the same time. She confronted RK he accepted everything but still managed to gain a loooot of sympathy from her. She still trusts him. How I don’t understand. She calls me and tells she feels stuck. I told her this was a choice she had made. She thinks I don’t understand. I think I don’t want to.

Sunday¬†night, I meet cute French guy. Really cute and sooo french. He’s the friggin GM of a company but just 30. Couldn’t keep my eyes off him. We talked a bit, in passing. Made my day.

Monday night, I was talking to PI. Just normal conversations. I don’t remember how it came up, but he said he still thought of the last time we were together. He asked me if I did too. I pretended to not notice the question. He said he misses me. I try to make a joke of it. He didn’t take it too well. Why oh why does he have to complicate things. He’s seeing someone. He’s not allowed to do such things !

Tuesday. Today. I was distracted in almost all day in college. Noon, spoke to an old friend who’s come down for a month. Looking forward to meeting her. Evening, went to see a doctor, yet again. Mom made me feel like a whore (not literally) infront of the doctor. Really pissed me off. Then, went over to aunt’s. Had to be part of another conversation I didn’t want to have. Marriage. Mine. I end up loosing my temper with a lot of people. How hard is it for them to understand that I will get married when I want to, and to the person I want to, if and when I find that person?!?! Mom pulls the blackmail card on me too often these days, with her health and all. Hate it when she does that.

I’m gonna reach breaking point. Soon.

3 Responses to “Update.”

  1. just focus on u for a while …. hope the reading is going well

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