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Looking for a Boy…


I’m bored. Bored of being single at this age. Most of my friends are in relationships.


Some just starting off..

Some going steady..

Some convincing parents..

Some engaged..

Some married..

Whatever it is, in a relationship. I need a companion at this stage. I’m not looking to get married soon. But I really wouldn’t mind if things fall into place. I would be more than happy.

But I cannot be with someone my parents would find for me. They don’t know me. At all. And I can’t be with the typical Malayalee boys they are looking at. That’s not me. I’m anyting but a typical Malayalee girl.

Something my mother said the other day really upset me. I have this family coming over to see me one of these days. She thinks it would be just perfect if I would say yes to this. I don’t see any reason why I should say yes. And she went on to say, ” It’s not like your all pretty and beautiful that you get to choose what you want. You just have to make do with whatever comes your way with some fringe benefits like good education, family, etc”.

I know I’m not pretty. I’m anything but that. I’m not the kind of girl anyone and everyone would want to be with. I’m horizontally challenged, to put it in a nice way. But I know I’m not that bad either. I know. And I want to be with someone who can accept me for the person I am, without the education and family and all that.

I’m not okay with just being traded off ’cause I have a masters in hand and come from a good family.

So, I’m on the look out. For guys, friends even. I just don’t know where to look though. At the age I am, its not that easy to “make friends” like it used to be back when I was younger.

So, If anyone knows any nice Indian boys, send ’em over ! :P


13 Responses to “Looking for a Boy…”

  1. i hear ya; feeling the same way myself. i’d like to think it’ll come when it comes, but at the same time i wish it comes sooner. :P

  2. hahha don’t we all :)

    this post is gettin a lot of unwanted attention, i think i will have to take it down soon :P

  3. I don’t believe in “arranged” Love… Love has to come spontaneous…

    And using the “profetic” words:

    “You can’t hurry Love. No, you’ll just have to wait. She said Love don’t come easy. It’s a game of give and take.”

    I don’t know how old (young) you are, and I don’t know where you live. But these things normally work out as soon as you REALLY stop searching…

    Take care,

    PS: and yes, I wouldn’t mind having a partner myself either…

  4. :)….!!…….I really like the image and the color….!!….:)

    Best of Luck…….Hope u’ll find someone soon ………!!

  5. @ artisticked

    hehe glad u like the image. i do too. its just something i got off the next though and i’ve been using it since then :)

  6. ur mother’s comment wasnt very kind and im sure it was uncalled for.

    all i can say is that i hope u find what ur loking for. im sure at sometime u’ll meet someone who thinks the world of u without u even knowing. i believe love just happens (requires work to maintain tho) so just be ready to accept it when it finds u :)

  7. been waitin too loong, uncensored mind, too damn loong :-/

  8. well time to get him then :)

  9. Anyway that thing really rocks…!!….Especially the cors and the dreamy effect…!!….:)…….Nice choice…!!….3 cheers…!!….:)

  10. My opinion is – being single is the best!
    Suppose you get a guy who loves you madly… think of the tensions.. if he is worried you r worried.. if he has a problem it is your problem.. there will be innumerable whining and complaining sessions..
    There is nothing like movie love… Any relationship has its own ups and lows..And lows can be more depressing than the loneliness you feel now..

    My opinion is enjoy being single as long as it lasts… once you are committed it is full time responsibility… enjoy girls day outs… hang out with any guy you want (not the kind of guys who dump you once they get the girl they want – from another post of yours)
    Oops.. my comment feel like an advice..

    Ok will rephrase it..
    hanging out with friends (even if they are very few), living like a free soul, exploring new places, doing the things you love and are passionate about… all these are as much fun as the things you do once you are in a relationship..
    You can do all that once you are married.. Enjoy the spirit of a free bird.. :)

    And I’m sure you will find the companion you need if you look hard enough :D … …………….

  11. @ layman

    Hehe, thanks for the loong comment, and welcome to my blog :)

    I know the perks of being single, done that for too long, lived that life. Would love to do much more you know, travel, meet new people, and so on. But I don’t think I’m gonna get that kind of independence.

    In a country like the one I live in need friends, a bf/gf and or loads of money. I’m guesing you know about the first two since you’ve read a few posts. And money- I’m still highly dependent on my parents :(

    There’s been a lot of pressure on me to get married and i’d rather get married to someone I know, and know well, than with someone they find for me. ‘Cause sadly, my parents don’t know a lot about me :-/

    Gosh! that’s almost like a mini-post !
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  12. No worries…
    My dad and mom are as different as black and white..
    and they met first time during the pennu kaanal..

    they get along pretty well.. even after 28 years.. :D
    marrying someone you know isn’t a big deal either…
    how many couples who “knew” each other so well.. lost that spark only months after their marriage??

    I’m guessing you are about to pass out.. once you get a job and all.. it will be different I guess.. travel, meet new people etc… :)
    All the best!!

  13. Aww yeah the search for boys has started for me. Don’t let what your mother says affect you. I’m sure you’ll find someone awesome, whether he’s bought to you by way of your parents, or you run into him. :)

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