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Every Silver Lining Has a Dark Cloud Covering It

Half way through November…

It’s almost half way through November and nothing has changed.

Last Friday, one family came to see me. It’s the weirdest, most awkward thing I’ve ever done. It was a ‘No’ from both our sides, so it was all good.

I think I’ve almost become numb to everything that’s happening around me. 223 days let before I finish with college.

I wish I had a friend, someone I could talk to, confide in, hang out with.

Been listening to two songs all day.. I’m in love with both of them…

You and Me – Lifehouse

Fast Car – Tracy Chapman

While we’re talking about music, I thought the songs from Fashion are really good. Mar Jawan and Khuch Khaas being my favorites.

The movie, I thought, was overrated. There’s nothing in Fashion that we don’t already know about. I thought Kangna and Priyanka’s acting was a bit over the top at times.




Anyways, that’s just me.


3 Responses to “Half way through November…”

  1. Hmmm…So that’zzz what happening out there…..!!……Anyway hope for the beat and wait…..!!……:)……..!!……I know it’zzz really irritating and boring to wait….!!…..Still have to do it ….!!….Patiently……:)

    Said, woman, take it slow
    It’ll work itself out fine
    All we need is just a little patience………!!

    ::: GN’R ::: Patience Lyrics :::

  2. You remind me of a friend. Always had some song for every situation :)
    And patience, probably one thing I lack at the moment, hehe.

    Haven’t heard that song by Guns n’ Roses, thought i’d check it out on youtube, but stupid people have blocked youtube!!! it was all up and working few hours back! bah !!


  3. Hmmm…….Yeah…….In my office too….!!….Same situation and really it sucks…!!…only these lines will match ur situation and Iif u chk the whole lyrics the picture will change…!!….Anyway it’zzz a nice song and chk it out for sure….:)….!!

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