Subliminal Chaos
Every Silver Lining Has a Dark Cloud Covering It

20 days of bliss…

And I’m back.

Well, I got back almost a week back, but I’ve been busy. 

Ok, thats a lie, not entirely busy, its just that I’ve had too much on my mind.

The short vacation was eventful to say the least. More on that in another post. As of now, I just want to let my presense known, not that it really matter. I don’t have a single faithful reader. ;)

I shall be back soon.

4 Responses to “20 days of bliss…”

  1. good to see u back

    happy new year. hope uve been well

  2. Every now and then, I decide to follow a blog; randomly. I had been following an apparently decent blog for the last two months. Lately, that one has lost all of its conviction. So turning to yours. See ya around.

  3. And by the way, nice descriptor – “every silver lining…cloud covering it.” Brutally dark. Absolutely love it.

  4. @ uncensoredmind
    Happy Newyear to you as well :)

    Glad you like it. Hope to see ya around… :)

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