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Seat Belt Woes!

So I was out with dad today. We had to pick up one of the new small time cooks from the restaurant and take him somewhere to check out some kitchen stuff. Some daddy work mambo-jumbo! Anyways, so we get there, dad goes in to call him from the restaurant. They walk out together , dad’s busy on the phone and he stops near the car busy talking. Now our man i.e. the new cook-guy doesn’t know what to do. He looked sooooo lost, god! I couldn’t stop grinning. I was watching his every move. He stood a good distance from the car, kept looking around, and looked sooo helpless and lost. Dad eventually realises what’s happening and asks him to sit in the car and that he does…but what happens next was beyond cuteness I tell you!! hehehe…. 


He gets in, loooks at dad, sees him tug at the seat belt, but thats the end of what he notices. Next thing you know, he’s pulling the seat belt and happily puts it around his neck! hehehe, I was just watching the whole time. Dad didn’t seem to notice and starts the car but I thought it would be better if I just told dad about it. Last thing I wanted was this moment of total-ignorance to turn into a reason to pay a huge fine! So daddy dearest directs him, tells him how to put on the seat belt and all the while Mr. New guy is looking at the whole process in total awe!

Hehehe, talk about being,well, soo naive and ignorant!!

Thank god for life and its simplicities! :)


2 Responses to “Seat Belt Woes!”

  1. just goes to show that some are so sheltered or under-exposed, that they marvel at things we take for granted or as a given.

    we should be happy for all the little things that make us so much richer than many out there.

  2. so true, uncensoredmind….

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