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A little surprise…

A few days back, in this post I had linked a post from my previous blog…

Some excerpts from that post…

My life has revolved around the internet for the past 8years or so. I’ve met a lot of great people through this. What started in chatrooms and ICQ , with time, turned to phone calls and occasional meetings.


AB- The poet from Whitehorse. The school drop out. A person who introduced me to different kinds of music, to Iris by Goo Goo Dolls and Porcelain by Moby….songs that are still my favorites. The MUD addict! Our virtual world of glass houses under water, the endless hot chocolate drinks, the beach houses and so much more…

Last night out of utter boredom I ended up searching for some of the people I had mentioned in that post more specifically for AB. For some odd reason I just couldn’t remember how his surname was spelt and none of the profile that ended up in the search results looked familiar. I almost gave up, before I remembered that there was this name he used often. A name he had come up with, unique to him. And lo and behold, there he was.

But there was a problem, his profile didn’t have a picture, so I assumed he was not very active on facebook but I sent him a friend request anyways and also left a message along with it. I was not expecting anything so I happily moved on to doing some other random stuff.

Before I went to sleep, out of habit I checked my mail, orkut and facebook, and I see one message in my inbox. It was AB. He remembered me. ME! Yay !! I really didn’t think he would respond or even actually remember me. Last I spoke to him was a good 6 years back. We exchanged a few mail on facebook before he asked me to add him on messenger.

I’ve been chatting with him for a while now. It was a little awkward initially but the conversation has started flowing…slowly..but steadily…

I’m a happy person today…today :)


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