Subliminal Chaos
Every Silver Lining Has a Dark Cloud Covering It


I miss him so much…

And it’s not fair…not to me..or to him…

I miss him :(

Today we were talking…for a long time…

He was sad..really sad…a friend…someone very near and dear to him had passed away, last sunday. He was upset, to say the least. He needed someone to talk to. I listened or rather read, read everything he wrote and had to say. I had nothing to say, nothing, I didn’t want to say anything wrong, also knew ┬ánothing I said or did would change anything or make anything better…nothing…

I knew how he would be on the other end of the world..sitting in front of a computer…tears running down his face…typing away to glory…cursing the world..and god..for being so unfair to a human being….

I had nothing to say…but I wished I was there…with him…wish I wcould just hold him…just really hold him…

And then he had to leave….for a while…But he was back…and I was glad…really…

And out of the blue..our first date came up…our first date…he wanted me to remind him of our first date…and I was more than happy to oblige..keep his mind off things…

And we talked..about these days…other first date…our first kiss…the movies…the music…and so much more….

He had a smile on his face…and that made me happy..really happy…

But…I had tears in my eyes….

I miss him….


2 Responses to “:(”

  1. I can just imagine HOW hard this mustve been.
    You made him feel better, albeit for a while, but im sure after u hung up, you mustve been low for a long time.

    Hope your cheered up a little now… dont dwell on this too much.
    we All have our own battles to fight.

  2. :)

    Thank you for the support, Serendipity. I go through this on and off with him and I am usually left feeling low. I know some day I have to put an end to it…probably soon…

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