Subliminal Chaos
Every Silver Lining Has a Dark Cloud Covering It


I have a post lying in Drafts that I started a few days back. I was trying my hand at writing something positive for change…It didn’t work out! No matter how much I try to be optimistic there is always something to pull me down!

Maybe I’m just looking for it!

I haven’t spoken to BFF Ri in over a months time and I haven’t had a proper conversation with PI in days…all of this is taking its toll on me….

Life otherwise has been pretty relaxed. I just finished with my part-time job with Cute French guy. I shall be getting my salary soon! So Yay to that !

On other news, I’ve started learing how to type with all my fingers. I usually manage with two fingers, the middle ones mostly. But i just realised its highly embarrasing to be just typing that way especially once i start working. I’ve just started and I’m already finding it highly frustrating, just ’cause of the shear amount of time I take now. I started this post typing that right way, but got frusted and have shifted to using just two fingers now !

Oh! and I’ve started using Google Reader and I’m loving it! I’ve subscribed to around 60 blogs and I’ve been reading a lot of interesting stuff. I need to get more active in the Blogosphere! That’s the next thing on my To Do list now !

2 Responses to “Bah!”

  1. Some compleltely unsolicited advice..after reading your comment on my post…Its somethign I was/am going through too.
    Let go. If they’re worth it, they’ll be around. If they think YOUR worth it, they’ll come around.
    If not, then ‘U’ deserve better.

  2. You are right, Serendipity. I’ve learnt that the heard way and I find it a whole lot easier to let go these days….

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