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Ethics and all that jazz!

Its exam time for me. I’ve been trying to do a little bit of studying in the two weeks off before I do all the last minute cramming before the exams. We have Business Ethics this time among others and I came across something that got me thinking.

Almost a year back, PI put down his papers at work, on ethical grounds. There was an issue regarding another person, he felt that person was wrongly accused, voiced his opinion in front of top management. They refused to take back what they had done and believed they were right. He couldn’t get himself to continue to work there, so he put down his papers. Mind you, he was good at what he did, a valued employee, at the verge of a big promotion, but nothing would change his mind.

My first reaction when I heard this, ” Are you crazy?!?!?”. Okay, that was more in my head than out in words. I guess with time I got where this came from, knowing him, I’m not surprised he did something like this. I even got to a point where I actually thought he was really courageous to stand up for what he believed in and do something as drastic as this.

My Ethics text book put things into percpective for me.


Areas of Influence/Authority and Areas of Interest. Yep, as simple as that! Areas of Influnce or Authority are those areas in which you have actual control over whereas Areas of interest is as it says the area of interest that you do not have control over. When it comes to ethical issues within your area of influence/authority you can make sure that the problems are handled keeping in mind ethics to your fullest ability. And when it comes to issues in your area interest, there is not much you can do, it is out of your control. The least you can do is report an issue to higher authorities and hope they take actions keeping in mind the ethical aspect, but more often than not what you want is not what you will get. Trying to change things that out of your control or reach can only lead to frustration and taking a drastic step as putting down your papers, is just plain stupid.

Okay, maybe that is a bit too harsh. But really, in todays world the most you can do is to make sure that you conduct your self and everything under your control ethically, and hopefully it will rub off on others. Hopefully.

5 Responses to “Ethics and all that jazz!”

  1. it was big of him to quit over the situation…

    i would suggest that maybe that he perceived the situation as an area of “influence” not simply “interest”

    perhaps in quitting he will influence the company because if he was a valued employee they will no doubt at the very least reflect on the situation, if not change future conduct..

  2. wow thats really commendable. hats off to him.

  3. @ douglaskev
    that is true, he definitely did perceive the situation as his area of influence. though i am not sure how much of an impact it has had on the company.

    @ Serendipity
    so true but hasn’t really helped him since he’s been jobless for almost a year now :-/

  4. Watre u saying? Over a year. Damn.

    Good guys do finish last huh?

  5. not over a year… almost a year and yes sad but true! this just happened at the wrong time for him :-/

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