Subliminal Chaos
Every Silver Lining Has a Dark Cloud Covering It

A lil update…

Besides having exams there has been a lot of other little things going on..

  • Firstly, I got myself into a sticky situation between BFF and ex BF :-/
  • It took one night of crying, and two nights of apologising to fix that..
  • ..the latter was not done by me !
  • Issues with ex BF continue..
  • Its weird still being friends..and maintaining that, specially when only one of us is in a relationship now..
  • Its weird, refering to PI as ex BF
  • We had yet another disagreement today.
  • I just gave into all the pressure finally..wonder what he’ll have to say tomorrow…
  • I’ve realised over the past few months how hard it is to remain friends with him and still maintain that
  • It just feels so wrong at time..’cause we are clearly more than friends…you don’t say the kind of things he says to me if you are just frineds
  • I even talked to him about it..but he just doesn’t get it and thinks its perfectly fine…
  • Maybe when the time comes..I will have to put an end to it……

2 Responses to “A lil update…”


  2. i know and thats the best part about my blog, i put it all done here. helps we get things off my chest when i have no where else to go :)

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