Subliminal Chaos
Every Silver Lining Has a Dark Cloud Covering It

I only come back here when something goes wrong…Its the same reason this time as well.

Yesterday was PI’s birthday. He turned 28 yesterday. He doesn’t celebrate his birthday anymore. Since his mom passed away that’s one of the many things he stopped.

I’ve known that for the past 5 years. But yesterday at 12 am I left him a message to wish him. I got delivered much later. Guess he had switched off his phone. At aroudn 8 the same evening I called him up. He cut my call. I called back after a while thinking he would have been busy then. He picked up we spoke for 46 seconds. He ended the call thanking me.

I spoke to him online a while back. He went to tell me that I didn’t have to call and asked me if I knew that he doesn’t celebrate anymore and also that his girlfriend was surprised to see him pick up my call when he usually doesnt pick up calls on his birthday.

I didn’t call him to go against something he believed in. It was his birthday and I just wanted to talk. It had been a while since I last spoke to him on the phone. I just wanted to talk. Birthday was a good reason.

But I think I upset him. And that hurts. The last thing I wanted to do was pull someone down on their birthday. Especially him.

How I wish everything weren’t so complicated.

2 Responses to “…”

  1. You know what I think you ought to just leave him be…
    He’s in his own world and much as you care, sometmes you just have to let someone go….

    Know what i mean? you cant ever make the care go away, but at some point you need to not manifest it with phone calls or sms’s or talking online, specially if he’s cutting/ignoring your calls, he’s just not respecting you…

    Trust me, its the best thing you’ll do for yourself as well.. letting go.

  2. You are right. I know I have to let go. I will do it eventually, just not yet…

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