Subliminal Chaos
Every Silver Lining Has a Dark Cloud Covering It

Seven weeks

It’s been seven weeks…since I gave my last exam and two weeks since I got back.

I’ve gotten used to this routine, this routine of not having anything to do.

Two days back…I had one of those full circle moments. Karma, thats what its called. And for once I am not the one at the receiving end of something bad. Its been a while since I last posted about college and my so called friends. I don’t want to get into all those boring details about what exactly happened. But must say one thing, when I heard about what happened, I couldn’t stop grinning. I am so glad I wasn’t around any of them when they told me about this.

On other news, I can officially call my self “unemployed” now. Haha, like its some big achievement. The fact that I am unemployed hasn’t really gotten to me as yet, but I am eager to start working. One of my classmates, who hasn’t passed in so many subjects and is still writing backlogs got placed with a well known company here!!! Life’s so unfair !

Its funny how I decided to check my blog and post today. Just a few minutes back I had a very weird and disturbing conversation with a cousin. Nothing gross, really, he was just asking about a lot of family related stuff, and telling me stuff about himself, which I don’t wanna hear or care about. At the end of the conversation, for some weird reason, I felt sick to my stomach. Weird. I know.

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