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Being Unemployed….

Being unemployed has its own perks. For once, I’m not actually hating all the free time, just been embracing it. I had plans of doing a lot with this free time, but didn’t get down to doing anything worthwhile. The only thing I’ve been doing is applying for jobs!

I’ve gone for three interviews so far. All three very different. I always make it a point that I go prepared. If nothing else, I make sure I know everything I need to about the company. The first interview was a disaster, not because I screwed up, he didn’t give me much of a chance actually. I went there expecting nothing, for a job I was not really into but really didn’t care since I need to do something and the experience will do me good. This guy who interviewed me was a malayalee.Unfortunately. Well it should have not been unfortunately ’cause he should have really helped me out but this time around it really worked to my disadvantage. He did the whole interview in Malayalam!!! In MALAYALAM!!!! I couldn’t understand half the things he said, he used such big words!! It was a good thing I didn’t have to do a lot of talking. He did everything possible to discourage me from taking up the job…and it worked wonders on me!! I know!!! I’m pathetic! Hahaha. And that was that.

Interview number two and three were on the same day. #2 was at a reputed company, I had big hopes on this one. It was a company I wanted to work with. The interview went well, it was actually like how an interview should be and how I expected it to me. And he offered me the job. Yay! But there was a catch, I have to travel to the other side of the city to get to this company and having no driving license yet meaning I’m gonna have to arrange for transport = pay bug bucks. And the salary is quite low to say the least. *Sigh*

And then came #3. I wasn’t expecting much from it. The company is not that well known. I somehow did not like the vibes of the place! The guy who took my interview did almost all of the talking. I practically know more than I should about the company now. He had some kind of speech problem and spoke very softly. I had to concentrate real hard to understand what he was saying when I really didn’t want to. It was super boring!!

Surprisingly, these interviews have actually taught me quite a bit about myself. I think people who talk a lot intimidate me. When people start talking and keep on doing all the talking, it makes me all introverted and shy. Crazy!! I know! But that’s just me I guess. Both interview #1 and#3 made me feel so conscious and must so much pressure on me even though i didn’t have to say much or anything. But interview #2, I felt confident, he did the talking when required and I did the talking when required. And I’m sure I didn’t sound like someone who was introverted!!

Anyways, that’s that. I should be deciding by tomorrow if I am going to take the job at #2. Need to work out some minor details and then a decision will be made!

###Update:- Looks like I’m gonna be unemployed for a while! Didn’t take up the job at #2…

2 Responses to “Being Unemployed….”

  1. I’ve been unemployed for a while – Going through the interview process – Nightmare!!! Just got myself a temp job for a few weeks and started this week. IT DID NOT START WELL! lol. Prefer being unemployed!

  2. Hey, thanks for your comment! I read your blog post on your job! Hope things get better! I actually found myself a job finally! If all goes well, will be starting next week! Keeping my fingers crossed :)

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