Subliminal Chaos
Every Silver Lining Has a Dark Cloud Covering It

A bad start to the long week ahead…

I was just gettin used to the idea of having nothing to do again. Getting the job at #2 had given me hopes. Hopes that I would finally have something worth while to do and this also meant that I would get some kinda steady income, small but it would have been something, which would mean I could splurge on myself without feeling guilty!!

But it was decided that I would not take up this job. As much as I would like to blame someoene else for this decision, I was very much part of it. But the decision had been made, its been two days since then and I have just about accepted it when someone came along ruined the whole damn thing!!!

Mom was talkin to her sister today and she went on to say that we were crazy for not talking up the job and that people took up jobs in such situations all the time and that it was no big deal. That was a conversation between mom and aunt but mommy dearest made it a point to mention it to me!! I’ve been feeling so low since then.

I hate being unemployed !!!!!!

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