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Wake up Sid & the After Effects!

I just finished watching Wake up Sid, at home, downloaded. That’s how happening my life is at this point of time!

Watching the movie made me miss my life back in Bangalore! I had a life there, friends, people I could hang out with, have good meaningful conversations with, people who got me, if not entirely, but at least so some small extent, people who cared. Here, I have no life, my social life is non-existent.

I miss my life and my independence. I miss being able to go where I want and when I want. I miss Bangalore. I remember telling a someone a while back that I had gotten bored of Bangalore and that next time I settle down in India,  I would prefer going to some new place, start from scratch! But when I think about it know, all I wanna do is go back there and live that life I had.

I want to go to Koshy’s , drink, eat and have long conversations with friends, I want to go to the Indian Coffee house (which shut down recently :( ) and have the coffee and cutlets, go to Blossoms Book House and spend hours there with books. I miss walking through Brigade road, the auto rides, the weather, the rains, shopping in Commercial street, eating from road side food stalls….

I could go on, but its pointless…I wish things would turn around for the better, and soon…

One Response to “Wake up Sid & the After Effects!”

  1. struck a deep deep chord
    I left bangalore 6 odd months ago, with a heavy heart closing a significant chapter of my life..
    but bangalore, nor the thoughts of my life there, have left me

    I am also sure at some point in the future I WILL work there again ..
    god koshys’, blossoms, I-Coffee-House ..heaven!

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