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How many of us can actually say that our parents know every aspect of our lives? Not many, I’m sure ! From a certain age onwards, we all start leading double lives, probably because we start thinking our parents wouldn’t understand, succumbing to peer pressure and so on.

At times, some of us go astray (I’m leaving it up to you to decided what “going astray” means to you) and start attracting all kinds of attention. And by attention I mean the bad kind, where people start talking about you and what you do or believe in. You see, people are not a big fan of anything that deviates from their point of view on what is right and what is wrong. If someone does, well, people start talking.

Now, usually we expect older people doing all this kinda of talking, you know, people from a different generation and all that. But more often than not it is your peers and friends, people who are not very different from you. It is easy to find fault when it is someone else at the receiving end and not you.

But my problem is not all of this, people have a right to talk, they do, but the problem arises when they blame an individual’s upbringing and parents when they see someone going astray!


Parents! Really? Are they to be blamed? Parent who have spent all their time and energy in bringing up their children with the right values and beliefs? Is it really their fault if after years of nurturing and bringing up their child, the child decides to take another path? Parents can’t always keep an eye on what their child is upto after a certain age. It is just not possible. 

So is it really always right to blame the parents for how the child turns out to be?



That’s the amount I made on my part-time job, which i got yesterday! Yay! 150 Rials ! Which is like 20,210.17 Indian Rupees…double yay ! :D I don’t know what to do with all that money though, which is actually not as much as it sounds! :P

The more that I think of it the more I realise that my one month at work has actually taught me quite a bit, without me even realising it. The actual work I was doing was extremely mechanical, so I haven’t gained much in that respect, but I have got a real idea about how things actually work in a corporate environment ! I have  not had any prior work experience and I wouldn’t even call this work ex, but it has helped in ways I cant put to words !

Its actually a nice feeling, having your own money, I’m kinda looking forward to working once I finish with MBA now, that’s if I get a job in the current economic situation!


I have a post lying in Drafts that I started a few days back. I was trying my hand at writing something positive for change…It didn’t work out! No matter how much I try to be optimistic there is always something to pull me down! Read the rest of this entry »


I miss him so much… Read the rest of this entry »


A few days back, in this post I had linked a post from my previous blog…

Some excerpts from that post…

My life has revolved around the internet for the past 8years or so. I’ve met a lot of great people through this. What started in chatrooms and ICQ , with time, turned to phone calls and occasional meetings.


AB- The poet from Whitehorse. The school drop out. A person who introduced me to different kinds of music, to Iris by Goo Goo Dolls and Porcelain by Moby….songs that are still my favorites. The MUD addict! Our virtual world of glass houses under water, the endless hot chocolate drinks, the beach houses and so much more…

Last night out of utter boredom I ended up searching for some of the people I had mentioned in that post more specifically for AB. For some odd reason I just couldn’t remember how his surname was spelt and none of the profile that ended up in the search results looked familiar. I almost gave up, before I remembered that there was this name he used often. A name he had come up with, unique to him. And lo and behold, there he was.

But there was a problem, his profile didn’t have a picture, so I assumed he was not very active on facebook but I sent him a friend request anyways and also left a message along with it. I was not expecting anything so I happily moved on to doing some other random stuff.

Before I went to sleep, out of habit I checked my mail, orkut and facebook, and I see one message in my inbox. It was AB. He remembered me. ME! Yay !! I really didn’t think he would respond or even actually remember me. Last I spoke to him was a good 6 years back. We exchanged a few mail on facebook before he asked me to add him on messenger.

I’ve been chatting with him for a while now. It was a little awkward initially but the conversation has started flowing…slowly..but steadily…

I’m a happy person today…today :)


So I was out with dad today. We had to pick up one of the new small time cooks from the restaurant and take him somewhere to check out some kitchen stuff. Some daddy work mambo-jumbo! Anyways, so we get there, dad goes in to call him from the restaurant. They walk out together , dad’s busy on the phone and he stops near the car busy talking. Now our man i.e. the new cook-guy doesn’t know what to do. He looked sooooo lost, god! I couldn’t stop grinning. I was watching his every move. He stood a good distance from the car, kept looking around, and looked sooo helpless and lost. Dad eventually realises what’s happening and asks him to sit in the car and that he does…but what happens next was beyond cuteness I tell you!! hehehe…. 


He gets in, loooks at dad, sees him tug at the seat belt, but thats the end of what he notices. Next thing you know, he’s pulling the seat belt and happily puts it around his neck! hehehe, I was just watching the whole time. Dad didn’t seem to notice and starts the car but I thought it would be better if I just told dad about it. Last thing I wanted was this moment of total-ignorance to turn into a reason to pay a huge fine! So daddy dearest directs him, tells him how to put on the seat belt and all the while Mr. New guy is looking at the whole process in total awe!

Hehehe, talk about being,well, soo naive and ignorant!!

Thank god for life and its simplicities! :)


I’ve been feeling so lost lately…so very lost… Read the rest of this entry »


…the weirdest thing happened. Read the rest of this entry »


The New Year has been very eventful…

31st night, I was out with friends for the first time. I’ve always spent NewYears with family. This was my first and something I was looking forward to. It was a great night, a lot of things happened, most of which I don’t remember, some of which I don’t want to mention here, don’t want to make anything Google-able.

The rest of the days in Bangalore were a piece of Heaven. Hung out a lot with old college friends, relived many old memories, got to spend quality time with BFF Ri. But 11th brought in a big surprise. Former BFF mentioned here decided to break off all ties with me. Was expected, yet unexpected.

While looking for the post where I had talked about this friend, I just read through some of the post in my previous blog. Seems like another lifetime. I miss my old blogs. The memories of my first blog at o3 is something I still cherish, but I’ve lost all my posts there, all of them and all the good times at that place.

Feeling very nostalgic right now… this and the other posts there have really pulled me down…

I’ll save the rest for another time…



..or maybe not.