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Archive for August 2008

Today’s fortune

August 28, 2008

   A cheerful letter or message is on its way to you     …and I’m still waiting…

A day of mixed feelings…

August 26, 2008

It has been a day of mixed feelings for me. There are two people I want to talk about today. One person who was a significant part of my life, another I barely knew. ========================================================================= VSP a.k.a PI I have talked about PI in an earlier post. PI is the former (and one&only) boyfriend. He was a […]

Macaroni & Cheese

August 19, 2008

Juno – “He is the cheese to my macaroni” But I am on a diet… *sigh*

Beijing Glitters

August 17, 2008

  Beijing Glitters, underneath it all is a different story…  The Beijing Olympics has been in the news for all the wrong reasons and they claim to be doing all this to promote a good image amongst the other countries and people. Promote the right image? They’ve been doing just the opposite of that. Take […]

Lately I’ve been thinking…

August 13, 2008

Summer Rain by White Snake  Lately I’ve been thinking Even tho’ I’m miles away I can feel your love around me You’re with me every day And of all the roads I’ve traveled All that I’ve been thro’ No matter where life takes me I’m never far from you You warm me like the morning […]

Conversations over a day’s work

August 13, 2008

Work has been boring to say the least. People at work have been busy with a recent development so they don’t have time to pay attention to me. Anyway, I was bored out of my wits today so I go and talk to one of my colleagues and ask her to give me some kind of […]

Work time funnies ! :)

August 10, 2008

Hahaha, this is a little something that happened at work that I thought I would share here. Well, the other day I was at work, busy working (NOT!) and I see this man walking into my room. He was busy on the phone and I thought he would have come to see someone. You have […]


August 7, 2008

A group of people are out together. One guy from the group raving about their drunken escapades of the previous night. Here’s how the conversation goes… Guy : XY got a couple of bottles and we got totally sloshed in the ABC Hospital parking lot !! One of the Girls : Hospital parking lot?? Y’al […]

What’s with Guys these days !!

August 7, 2008

Seriously, what’s with guys these days! I thought we were way over with the whole girls can’t do without guys age! But no ! Our men don’t think so ! Ok, so before I send out the wrong message, I don’t think we can completely do without guys, we cant. But the same goes for […]

3 Months to go !

August 2, 2008

Just another 3 months to go…